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Do i need to pay tax before I fill form 10e  


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20/10/2020 1:49 pm  


I am a government teacher in Uttar Pradesh Basic Education. In the year 2018-19, I was not given three months' salary (around 1 lacs 30 thousand) and as per our department requirement, I paid tax on this amount even though I was not given this salary.

This year (2019-20) due to some reasons unknown to me, my department did not cut any income tax from my salary (in form 26as employer tax is 0) and last year's 3 months salary is given to me in form of arrear. This arrear has increased my salary to around 7 lacs and now i need to pay tax around 50 thousand. Now my employer is asking to go through the following process:-

1. Pay the tax online(50,000 INR).
2. Generate form 10e and give it to them (because of arrear amount)
3. After the above two steps completed, the employer will then give me form 16. And then I can file ITR.
And then I may or may not get a refund.

My question is: I have seen some videos on youtube where they say that in case of arrear we can fill form 10e without paying tax, and form 10e will then help in reducing the total tax that I need to pay. So I am a bit confused as to follow steps 1,2,3 as told by the employer or is there a way I can fill form 10e prior to filing my ITR (in this case my net payable tax will be reduced to around 5000).

Thanks in advance for the help.

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21/10/2020 11:26 pm  

Form 10E is used to claim relief to pay any additional income tax.

File the form 10E and submit it to your employer. 

No need to pay tax if you had paid earlier.


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