GST PMT 09 Form : What is PMT 09 and how to file form PMT 09?

Earlier in Goods and Service Tax (GST), if the Challan is wrongly paid or the amount is paid under wrong major head (CGST, IGST, CESS and SGST) or a minor head (Tax, Penalty Fee, Interest & others), it could not be used in discharging the liability under different head. Due to which the taxpayer has to generate new challan and bring another amount of cash. To provide relief to taxpayers from this problem, CBIC has introduced Form GST PMT-09. It is now available in GST Portal.

Form GST PMT-09 enables taxpayers to transfer amount available in Electronic Cash Ledger from one major/ minor head to another major/ minor head. Hence, if the taxpayer has wrongly paid challan, he can now rectify the same using Form PMT-09 by reallocating the amount in GST Portal.

Procedure to file GST Form PMT-09 on GST Portal

Step1: Login to GST portal.

Step2: Go to Electronic Cash Ledger through Services> Ledgers> Electronic Cash Ledger.

pmt 09

Step3: Select “File GST PMT-09 for Transfer of Amount” and then the Cash Ledger Balance page is displayed. It has three tables-

  • Cash ledger balance-available for transfer: In this table, balance available in cash ledger is shown.
cash ledger
  • Cash ledger balance-preview of updated balance: In this table, updated balance of cash ledger is shown after updating the details as per the requirement (Under Major head / Minor head).
gst ledger
  • Add record: This section is use for entering the details “Transfer amount from” and “Transfer amount to” column. Enter the amount to transfer as per the requirement.
credit ledger

After entering the details in add record, click on save button. Amount will get updated in Cash ledger balance-preview of updated balance.

pmt 09

Step4: Now click on Save. The details entered will get reflected in below processed records.

Step5: Click on “Proceed to file”.

Step6: Click on verification box. Then select authorised signatory and click on file “FORM GST PMT 09” and verify by entering OTP. After successfully filing of FORM, amount will get updated in cash ledger.

Step7: You can view the filed Form by clicking on “view filled GST PMT 09”.  

Format of Form GST PMT 09:

pmt 09

Important Points to Remember

  • Amount cannot be reallocated if utilized.
  • Major head refers to- Integrated tax, Central tax, State/UT tax, and Cess.
  • Minor head refers to- Tax, Interest, Penalty, Fee and Others.
  •  This form is only used for shifting of amount from one head to another head.

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