GSTN: Features of new “Communication between Taxpayers” Facility in GST Portal

Communication between Taxpayers

GSTN has launched new facility of “Communication between Taxpayers” functionality facilitate in sending and receiving notifications to /from another taxpayer. All taxpayers except TDS, TCS and NRTP taxpayers are eligible to use Communication Between Taxpayers facility. TDS, TCS and NRP taxpayers will not be able to see the link Communication Between Taxpayers under the Services tab. GSTN has issued advisory on Communication between Recipient and Supplier Taxpayers on GST Portal stating the features and FAQs. The advisory is as follows-

A facility of ‘Communication Between Taxpayers’ has been provided on the GST Portal, for sending a notification by recipient (or supplier) taxpayers to their supplier (or recipient) taxpayers, regarding missing documents or any shortcomings in the documents or any other issue related to it. This facility is available to all registered persons, except those registered as TDS, TCS or NRTP.

The main features of this facility are summarized as below:

A. How to use the facility on GST Portal : 

Taxpayers can send notification, view notification, send reply and view replies to the notifications on their dashboard after login.

a. To send notification navigate to – Services > User Services > Communication Between Taxpayers > and select Compose option.

b. To view any new notification received or any reply received select Inbox (Notification & Reply Received) option.

c. To view any new notification sent or reply sent select Outbox (Notification & Reply Sent) option.

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B. How to send a Notification

a.While composing a notification under Send New Notification tab, select the Supplier option to send notification to a Supplier, otherwise select Recipient.

b. In the Document Details section, select the Action Required by Supplier/ Recipient from the drop-down list and enter required details.

c. Up to fifty documents can be added in a notification.

d.The sender can also add Remarks (upto 200 Characters) in the box provided for the same.

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C. Some other features

  • The counter party taxpayer will receive an e-mail on their registered e-mail address and an SMS on his registered mobile number for all notifications received.
  • An alert will also be given to Recipient/Supplier on logging into the GST portal.
  • A taxpayer is allowed to send up to 100 notifications to a single GSTIN for a particular tax period.
  • The recipient can upload the details of missing documents (not uploaded by their supplier in his Form GSTR-1) and send a notification to their supplier, using this facility. Supplier can then add such documents directly in their Form GSTR-1, if not reported earlier.
  • The functionality to upload and download the documents will be made available soon.

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D. For UM and FAQs, click links below

a. Manual

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