GSTR-1: Points to note before filing GSTR1

11th June is the due date of filing GSTR1 for the period May 2019. There are many problems person get while filling GSTR-1. One of the biggest problem is a technical one which does not allow more than 1.5 lakh people to file return at a single time. For that we really cannot do anything. But there are other problems on which we can sought out.


New GST Payment and Input Tax Credit (ITC) calculator


Checklist of things you need to keep with you before filing GSTR-1

  • Keep your GSTIN number (A 15-digit PAN based number) and phone number handy.


  • Valid digital signature certificate (Compulsory for: companies, LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships) and FLLPs (Foreign Limited Liability Partnerships)


  • Other suppliers, i.e. Proprietors, partnership concerns, HUF, etc. could use the option to “E-sign” the form with a valid Aadhar card Number.


  • Digital invoices of all the transactions which include intra-state as well as inter-state transactions and business to business as well as retail sales, exclude Zero rated supplies and Deemed Exports.

  • If the number of sales invoice is more than 500, GST Offline Utility has to be downloaded and return file needs to be generated from this offline utility.


Input Tax Credit (ITC) on Motor Vehicles


  • HSN wise summary has to be filled manually.-
  1. Business with turnover less than 1.5 crores will not require SAC/HSN codes for their goods and commodities.
  2. Businesses with turnover between Rs. 1.5 crores and Rs 5 crores shall be required to use two digit SAC/ HSN codes for their commodities.
  3. Business that have a turnover of 5 crores and above will require to use 4 digit SAC/ HSN codes.
  4. In case of imports and exports the SAC codes will be 8-digits.


Requirement of GST Registration in India


Most important things to keep a check on while filing GSTR-1 for sales

  • Enter the correct month for which the return is filed
  • Correct GSTIN
  • Correct HSN codes
  • Charging correct tax rates
  • Mentioning the right sale type, i.e. SGST, CGST and IGST
  • Avoid Duplicate entries of the same tax invoice


Avoid Common Errors While Filing GSTR-1


  • JSON Errors


  • Date format: Date should be in correct format- dd-mm-yyyy (i.e. 01-06-2017)


  • Invoice Number: Invoice number accepts only two special characters- hyphen and forward slash (/)


  • Invoice Data: This field should be furnished to the maximum of 2-decimal digits.


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