Legislators question new GST bill and government’s ignorance towards online gaming addiction

new GST bill

New GST bill: Legislators Online gaming has long been a contentious issue, and now that the state has recently approved a bill imposing a 28% GST on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing, it has unsurprisingly taken center stage in legislative council discussions.

A number of lawmakers voiced concerns about the prevalence of gambling addiction among young people and online gaming during the bill’s discussion on the GST for online games.

Speaking on the subject, Maharashtra Legislative Council (MLC) Sachin Ahir claimed that schoolchildren are now using other people’s IDs to play online gaming apps like Dream11. Nowadays, the majority of children are more addicted to online gaming than to participating in sports.

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When discussing the bill, Abhijit Wanjarri, another MLC, questioned whether it was really the main goal and suggested re-evaluating everything. Is the government attempting to lead our children astray?

“The government-provided document stipulates that defining their activities is a prerequisite for registering for online casinos, racetracks, and gaming applications”, he said. Wanjarri continued, “The goal of characterizing their activities might essentially aid in taxing them more.”

Wanjarri mentioned the recent illegal betting app case involving Mahadev Book and remarked, “Nobody really knows which app is being operated from here. The amount of money involved is unknown to the government. How can an online casino be permitted by this GST bill when Maharashtra forbids the establishment of physical ones.”

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They don’t have the context correct, according to Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, who recently unveiled the bill that will introduce the new GST rate. “Under one nation, one tax, this has already received approval from the national government and is applicable nationwide. Notwithstanding the fact that different parties were in power, every state approved the introduction of the GST, he claimed.

Online gaming is now subject to a 28% tax and is considered a game of chance, according to a panel appointed by the federal government. This decision is now mandatory for all states.

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