New Income Tax e-filling portal to be launching on 7th June 2021

Directorate of Income Tax (Systems)


Dated:  May 19, 2021

Sub: Launch of New E-filing portal of the Income Tax Department- Non availability if e-filing services from 01/06/2021 to 06/06/2021

New Income tax e-filing

The Income Tax Department is going to launch its new income tax E-filing portal www.incometax on June 7th, 2021. In preparation for this launch and for migration activities, the existing portal of the Department at would not be available for a brief period of 6 days from 1st June to 6th June 2021.

Officers in field including AOs, CIT (A), PCIT interact with taxpayers through E-proceedings over the E-filing portal directly or through the NeAC/NFAC for:

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  1. Issue of Notices, SCNs and getting response to various E-Proceedings
  2. Conducting of Video conference or adjournments
  3. iii. Issuing Questionnaires, summons. letters etc
  4. Responding to E-Nivaran or Outstanding Tax demand etc
  5. Communicating final orders in Assessment. Appeals. Exemption. Penalties etc

Apart from this Officers access the F-filing portal to view ITRs, Statutory forms. MIS etc.

In preparation for the transition to the new system, the existing E-filing portal will NOT be available to both taxpayers as well as Departmental Officers for a period of 6 days from 1st June to 6th June 2021. Bence, it is requested that all officers may be immediately informed about this so that they may not fix any compliance dates during this period. All Officers may be directed to fix any hearing or compliances only from June 10th onwards to give taxpayers time to respond on the new system. If they have already scheduled any hearing or compliance which requires submissions online during this period, they may prepone or adjourn the hearing and reschedule the work items after this period, etc.

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They may also view/ download any submissions in E-proceedings prior to June 1st and the PDF of any ITRs and non-ITR forms that may be needed by them in advance so that they can continue to work in ITBA system including completion of assessment proceedings where no further interaction with taxpayer is necessary. It is clarified that the ITBA system and the CPC systems will continue to function for assessment related functions. All Orders, notices issued during this period, however, will be made visible to the taxpayer only after the new portal goes live on June 1st 2021.

I would also encourage all Officers to complete all their urgent tasks involving interactions with taxpayers prior to June 1st to avoid the blackout period or typical initial teething issues in the transition. I would like to thank all officers for their patience during the switchover to the new E-filing portal of the Department and seek your good wishes.

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