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One thought on “ICAI should increase the Minimum Articleship Stipend for CA Students?

  1. Arav Diamond

    People say CA is a respectable profession but i don’t see any respect when the CA students are getting Rs. 1500/- per month as articleship stipend while working as full time employees in the mid-size firms.

    When one becomes a CA and he/she has done his/her articleship in such mid size firms and have to settle in such mid size cities only then they are ready to work for 20000/- per month in such firms as because they have worked for 1500/- per month for the same work and according to them it’s such a good increase. This is a shame to the profession.

    Also many students are doing their articleship in mid size firms and cleared their exams in multiple attempts so there is negligible chances of getting gobs in Big 4 or Firms in metropolitan cities as such cities do not count the experience gained by students in mid size firms.

    Due to such low stipend and low salaries we are no where in India to compete with other profession

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