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Income Tax Department Revamped website: On August 26, 2023, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) released the updated version of the Income Tax Department’s national website. You can visit this new website at The updated website has several new features and a user-friendly interface.

Shri Nitin Gupta, the Chairman of the CBDT, inaugurated the freshly overhauled website during the “Chintan Shivir” event in Udaipur, hosted by the Directorate of Income Tax.

This website serves as an extensive collection of tax-related information, providing access to the Direct Tax laws as well as a host of other related Allied Acts, Rules, Income Tax Circulars, and Notifications that are all fluidly cross-referenced and connected. Additionally, the platform has a “Taxpayer Services Module” that includes a variety of tax utilities and is intended to help taxpayers with their efforts to file income tax returns.

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Mobile responsive layout

This Income tax website now mobile-responsive design, ensuring seamless usage on smartphones and tablets. This adaptability entails the website automatically moulding its layout to match the dimensions of your screen. Consequently, browsing and navigating the site becomes effortless even on compact devices.

Mobile tax filing: Using their smartphones or tablets, taxpayers can conveniently file their income tax returns while on the move.

On-the-go accessibility: Without a computer, taxpayers can easily access the website and obtain the necessary information regardless of where they are physically located.

Enhanced accessibility: Because of the website’s improved accessibility, people with disabilities who might have trouble using standard computers are now accommodated

The functionality of the income tax website has been significantly improved by the recently integrated mobile-responsive layout. Regardless of the taxpayers’ preferred device or location, this addition significantly improves user friendliness and access.

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Easy navigation “Mega Menu”

The updated income tax website now features a “Mega Menu” to make navigation easier. There are many links pointing to different parts of the website in this extensive drop-down menu. This eliminates the need to scroll through a long list of pages and allows for simple information retrieval.

The Mega Menu is intelligently categorised into sections like “About Us,” “Forms & Instructions,” “Circulars & Notifications,” “FAQs,” and “Taxpayer Services,” each containing a collection of interconnected links.

Taxpayers looking for quick and easy information access will find this menu to be a great resource. It improves website navigation by acting as a useful organizational tool. Additionally, it lessens the number of clicks necessary to access particular pages, improving the user experience and overall usability of the website.

Overall, the Mega Menu is a significant upgrade to the income tax website that greatly improves user experience and ensures greater accessibility for taxpayers.

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Added “Compare” feature

The updated income tax website now has a feature that allows users to compare different Acts, sections, rules, and tax treaties. This proves to be a priceless resource for taxpayers looking to gain a thorough understanding of the various tax laws and regulations applicable to their situation.

Users can use the “Compare” functionality offered by the website to conduct this comparison of Acts, sections, rules, or tax treaties. With the help of this tool, you can choose two or more items to compare their contents side by side.

The comparative tool serves as a robust resource, offering taxpayers the ability to:

  • Discern disparities between distinct tax laws and regulations.
  • Identify pertinent tax provisions tailored to their specific scenario.
  • Render informed decisions concerning their tax responsibilities.
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Guided virtual tour and new button indicators

To make it easier for users to navigate the platform, the upgraded income tax website now includes a guided virtual tour and new button indicators. A brief video that introduces users to the website’s features is included in the guided virtual tour. This tool is especially useful for visitors who are unfamiliar with the site or who want a refresher on how to use it.

The recently added button indicators are small icons that are placed next to important buttons throughout the website. These icons provide brief explanations of button actions, assisting users in understanding the website’s user interface and locating necessary information quickly.

Both the guided virtual tour and the button indicators stand as valuable enhancements, considerably simplifying users’ exploration of the revamped income tax websit

Accelerated information retrieval: Users can promptly locate the required information.

Enhanced learning curve: Users can quickly become familiar with how the website works.

Elevated user experience: Together, these features improve the user experience overall and make the website more user-friendly.

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Added “Tax Services Module”

The updated income tax website opens a “Taxpayer Services Module” that includes a number of tax tools carefully crafted to assist taxpayers in accurately filing their income tax returns. These tools consist of:

  • A tax calculator, facilitating the estimation of tax liability.
  • A form wizard, simplifying the accurate completion of tax forms.
  • An e-filing portal, enabling seamless online tax return submissions.
  • A helpdesk, offering assistance with queries about the tax filing process.
  • A knowledge base, housing articles, and FAQs pertinent to income tax.

 Advantages derived from utilising the revitalised website:

  • Information can be retrieved quickly with the help of streamlined navigation.
  • Understanding tax obligations is aided by comparative analysis of various Acts, sections, rules, and tax treaties.
  • Accessible assistance for submitting income tax returns.
  • Instant access to the most recent tax and regulatory updates.
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