CS Exam Dec 2020: ICSI students demands exam postponement

CS Exam Dec 2020

CS Exam Dec 2020: Just before few days of Company Secretary (CS) examinations, which are scheduled to start from December 21, candidates are demanding that the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) either postpone examinations or hold a second cycle for COVID-19 positive candidates in February , so that they do not have to wait for another six months to appear for examinations.

CS exams are conducted twice in a year. Due to lockdown, the ICSI decided to merge the June, 2020 session ICSI Examinations with the December, 2020. Still the vaccine is not available, CS Students are claiming that there is a risk that many candidates may acquire coronavirus or develop symptoms during examinations as CS exams will be carried out continuously for 10 days, making them ineligible for remaining examinations.

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E Sai Babu, a candidate who travelled from Bhimavaram to Hyderabad to appear for the exams, questioned, “Already we lost six months as exams which were supposed to be held in June 2020 are being held now in December. If a candidate is Covid-19 positive or they have any symptoms then they will not be allowed to appear for the exam. Why not give them another chance in February? What if we get infected during the examinations.”

They said that candidates should be given the option of opting out of the examination voluntarily, even without submitting a positive Covid-19 report. They also criticized why in December, when the Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be available in January, the ICSI is dead set on undertaking examinations. Candidates pointed out that many exams were conducted this year in phases, including Joint Entrance Exams, Chartered Accountant (CA) exams, and also some exams such as Cost Accountant (CMA) are conducted both online and offline mode.

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  • Vidushi Rohatgi
    December 17, 2020 6:53 pm

    Icsi is being rigid. They should give students voluntary opt out and 2nd cycle otherwise should postpone it to jan or feb.

  • Please postpone the exams.. It’s high time to act ritely ICSI please….
    Understand students concern and family concern.. Please provide second cycle or postpone exams to Feb.. It’s a humble request from students who r in mental stress… Please please ICSI.. Consider students concerns as this is once in 100 yrs pandemic situation..

  • Tanaya Prakash Ghadge
    December 17, 2020 6:58 pm

    Students concerns are serious. Icsi shall atleast give some reply to us. Few days back till now I thought icsi will atleast listen to us but they are not even replying to students concern. These kind of behaviour was not expected from icsi.

  • Postpone exams please… Situation is worst here and institute is not considering our genuine requests

  • Students are asking for 2nd cycle not for postponement of exam… .ICSI should considered students problems..


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