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5 thoughts on “CS Exam Dec 2020: ICSI students demands exam postponement

  1. Vidushi Rohatgi

    Icsi is being rigid. They should give students voluntary opt out and 2nd cycle otherwise should postpone it to jan or feb.

  2. Subhaashini

    Please postpone the exams.. It’s high time to act ritely ICSI please….
    Understand students concern and family concern.. Please provide second cycle or postpone exams to Feb.. It’s a humble request from students who r in mental stress… Please please ICSI.. Consider students concerns as this is once in 100 yrs pandemic situation..

  3. Tanaya Prakash Ghadge

    Students concerns are serious. Icsi shall atleast give some reply to us. Few days back till now I thought icsi will atleast listen to us but they are not even replying to students concern. These kind of behaviour was not expected from icsi.

  4. Sangam Jhabak

    Postpone exams please… Situation is worst here and institute is not considering our genuine requests

  5. Kajal

    Students are asking for 2nd cycle not for postponement of exam… .ICSI should considered students problems..

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