CS Exam Dec 2020 : No second cycle of ICSI Dec 2020 Exams

CS Exam Dec 2020

CS Exam Dec 2020: The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has announced one time option to the students to “Opt Out” from the December, 2020 Session of Examinations by carrying forward the credit of examination fee to June, 2021. That Clearly means there will no second cycle of CS Exams December 2020 . The announcement is as follows-

 Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India

December 4, 2020

Important Announcement


The Examination Committee of the Institute has decided the following:

1.  The June, 2021 Session of Examinations shall commence from 1st June, 2021 and the time table for the same shall be hosted on the website separately.

2. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Institute has decided to give a one time option to the students to “Opt Out” from the December, 2020 Session of Examinations by carrying forward the credit of examination fee to June, 2021 session of examinations.

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3. In order to become eligible for “Opt-Out” option, such students shall be essentially required to submit a COVID-19 Positive report evidencing that they themselves or their immediate relatives were infected by Covid-19 during the period from 20th November, 2020 to 30 December, 2020. Application, if any, submitted by the students without attaching the Covid-19 positive report as mentioned above or by citing any other reason shall be summarily rejected without notice.

4. For availing the facility, such students shall be required to submit a formal request through an Online form, the details of which will be published on the website separately. The last date for submitting the “Opt-Out” request is 15th January, 2021.

ICSI : CS students will get OPT OUT option for 2020 Exams

5. On receipt of the Opt-Out request through the specified online form, student’s enrollment for December 2020 session of examination will be cancelled and his/her Candidature will be carried forward to June 2021 session. Once the Opt-Out facility is availed and particulars are submitted, it will be treated as final. Requests for its change/ revocation will NOT be entertained under any circumstances. This is a onetime facility being provided due to Covid-19 without creating any precedent for future.

All students scheduled to appear in December, 2020 Session of CS Examinations are advised to take note of the same.

(CS Asish Mohan)

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