ICAI Practice Management Software for CA Firms and Practitioners

ICAI Practice Management Software

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has launched a Practice Management Software (PMS) to help practicing Chartered Accountants (CAs/Firms) streamline their workflows and improve productivity and communication. With over 15 integrated features, PMS offers a range of specialized tools to help CA firms collaborate in a simple, effective, and streamlined manner at every stage of the accounting process. ICAI’s launch of the Practice Management Software (PMS) is a game-changer for Chartered Accountants and CA firms. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the key features of PMS and how they can help CA firms improve their operations.

Some of the key features of ICAI Practice Management Software are

  • Task management module.
  • Document management module.
  • Account management.
  • Client management module.
  • Employee management module.
  • Generation of all intermediate reports with all aspects.
  • Processing of data from receiving of users to concern procedures and generation of final reports.

Registration for CA Practice Management Software

Heading over to the registration link, CAs can now register with their ICAI Membership Number to avail access to the software. Some additional information like: 

  • ICAI Membership Number * [Head-Office In-Charge of Firm]
  • Select FRN
  • Region (mandatory),
  • Number of Users/Employees in the Firm,
  • Name of IT Professional of the Firm for handling the software in the Firm (mandatory),
  • Contact Number of the IT Professional of the Firm  (mandatory).
  • Whether your firm needs the help of a support executive for the deployment of the Software?
  • Start Date and Time of the Implementation of Practice Management Software in your Firm and Other remarks

The team behind the software also promises to transfer your data to the practice management software with no extra cost. A comprehensive training on the software (without any extra cost) is also assured by the team.

The software can be accessed on mobile also, as the platform is available for web and mobile.

Features available for each module

Task Management: Managing tasks, subtasks & deadlines is surely a tedious job, but with PMS you can organize your team’s workflow, make better decisions, and achieve more of your goals with satisfied clients.

Document Management: Track every inward/outward document and make it available to clients in just a few clicks. Allow your team to have easy & flexible document transfer & central client document repository on a secure server.

Accounts Management: Manage & track every financial activity for multiple clients. Generate automated financial reports and collect online payment against invoices in multiple currencies through an integrated payment gateway.

Client Management: Manage all client activities from your mobile. Create client groups & client wise login credentials to add or remove client’s information. Search clients using a variety of filters & ge nerate group-wise reports, invoices, and receipts.

Communication Management: Manage, schedule, control & automate your team’s tasks using different communication modules of PMS Software.

Employee Management: Keep your staff motivated by maintaining their database, documents, role and hierarchy, attendance, time sheet, work report & communications at one place. Track employee login IP addresses and stay secure from frauds and miscommunications.

Members and CA firms desirous to avail the aforesaid software may please visit https://simplifypractice.com & online solution for same. If you require any technical support, please contact @ [email protected] toll free no 180030028489 or [email protected].

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